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STM Wealth Management

From left to right: Violeta Hutanu, Lauren Shewfelt, Eliza Fedechko, Tannis Calder (Pratt)Kim Anh Nguyen, Kevin Fabian, 
Shelly Appleton-BenkoMary MacDonald, and Julianna Zumpano. Not featured: Kaitlyn McClay and Anna Akasaki.

Five great reasons to work with us!

1. We love what we do.
2. We stand by our firm’s guiding principle: CLIENTS FIRST. Always.
3. It’s more than investment management – it’s an integrated approach.
4. We are dedicated to personalized service.
5. We are driven by our clients' goals and portfolio results.

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Love what we do

We love what we do.

We are energized by the markets.  The ups, the downs, the in’s, the outs. It’s about identifying the gems in the market and allocating them in your portfolio to make the most of your wealth.  We have experienced firsthand tumultuous markets, recessions, and bubbles, and we are still intrigued by the markets and the opportunities they hold.  We know the investment industry is a great place to grow your money; we also know that it can be complex. Our role is to take the worry out of it, so you can focus on what matters to you most.

The foundation of our business is relationships. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to work with many great individuals, their families, and their businesses on their wealth management plans.  Learning and understanding your needs and aspirations is an important part of what we do to ensure your financial journey leads to your preferred destination.

Clients First

We stand by our firm’s guiding principle: CLIENTS FIRST. Always.

Our President and CEO, Debra Hewson, says it eloquently. We invite you to read her message here.

In short, we are committed to doing what is in our clients’ best interests. Whether it’s our ability to deliver independent research, where opinions are arrived at without any prejudice to ownership or involvement in securities being traded or recommended; or providing locally based administrative offices to increase efficiency, we put our clients first.

Integrated Approach

It’s more than investment management – it’s an integrated approach.

With expertise in strategic wealth management, our role is to understand your individual goals, needs and dreams. It’s more than choosing the right products for your portfolio, it’s about:

  • Finding the long-term, trusted advice you need;
  • Coordinating a financial plan that considers your personal priorities;
  • Identifying strategies that complement your goals and your stage in life, and
  • Working with your other professional advisors to ensure you are on the right path.

We work with you to understand your objectives and to develop a comprehensive investment plan to address them. The process may cover other areas* such as cash and debt management, retirement income planning, risk management and estate planning. A portfolio is then designed with an appropriate investment mix to assist you in achieving your goals. The core of our portfolios is structured with a long-term focus, using quality blue chip companies and fixed income opportunities. We are always looking to invest in quality businesses.

*Available through Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited.

Personalized Service

We are dedicated to personalized service.

Your needs and objectives are not the same as the person sitting next to you. So why should your portfolio be? Every portfolio is tailored to reflect your individual needs, time horizon and risk tolerance - there are no cookie cutter approaches here.

We work as a team to ensure that you receive quality service and advice.

With three Portfolio Managers looking out for your interests and a full support team, you can be assured that someone will always be available to respond to your enquiry. We are firmly committed to keeping in touch with you on a regular basis, regardless of the market conditions.

Goals and Results

We are driven by our clients' goals and portfolio results.

We take the time to understand your goals – early retirement, your children’s education needs, leaving a legacy or business succession. We strive to learn where you are now, and develop a plan to get you to where you want to be in the future.

Evolving markets and changing circumstances require active account management. Our experience, conviction and objective advice means effective portfolio design and favourable results for our clients.

Now is the time to learn more about working together to achieve your financial goals. Let’s get started.

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Shelly Appleton-Benko, BA, CIM, FCSI®, CIWM, CFDS
Vice President, Director, Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5327 | [email protected] 
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Mary MacDonald, B.Comm, CIM, FCSI®, CFP®, CIWM
Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5420 | [email protected]  

Violeta Hutanu, PFP®
Investment Associate
Telephone: 604-844-5405 | [email protected]

Lauren Shewfelt, B.Com (Hons), CIM®
Investment Associate, Associate Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5645 | [email protected]

Kevin Fabian, B.Sc
Investment Assistant
Telephone: 604-844-5486 | [email protected]

Anna Akasaki, BA
Investment Assistant
Telephone: 604-844-5452 | [email protected]

Tannis Calder (Pratt), CIM, FCSI®, CIWM
Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5340 | [email protected]

Kim Anh Nguyen, BA, CIM®, RIAC
Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5613 | [email protected]

Julianna ZumpanoBBA
Business Optimization
Telephone: 604-844-5427 | [email protected] 

Eliza Fedechko, BSc, MM
Investment Assistant
Telephone: 604-844-5453 | [email protected]

Kaitlyn McClay, BA
Investment Assistant
Telephone: 604-844-5329 | [email protected]