Burrard Investment Management is a six-person team within Odlum Brown Limited dedicated to providing discretionary portfolio management services to individuals, investment corporations, trusts and non-profit organizations. Our archetypal client has over $1 million in investable assets and long-term objectives.

Burrard Investment Management is comprised of two Portfolio Managers, Ross Turnbull and Christopher Lowe; one team-dedicated Financial Planning Specialist Diana Ruse; an Investment Assistant, Leisa Scott-Hodges; a Data Analyst, Jeff Ng and an Administrative Assistant, Jessica Lidder.  contact us

Our Team

Left to right: Jeff Ng, Leisa Scott-Hodges, Ross Turnbull, Christopher Lowe, and Diana Ruse

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Ross Turnbull, CPA, CA, CBV, CFA, ICD.D
Vice President, Director, Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5363 | [email protected]

Christopher Lowe, BBA, CFA, CIM
Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5459 | [email protected]

Diana Ruse, CFP®, CIM®, CPCA®
Financial Planning Specialist
Telephone: 604-844-5477 | [email protected]

Leisa Scott-Hodges
Investment Assistant
Telephone: 604-844-5428 | [email protected]

Jeff Ng, CFA
Data Analyst
Telephone: 604-844-5609 | [email protected]

Jessica Lidder
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 604-899-8749 | [email protected]

Our Process

What we do:

How we do it:

  • Build portfolios around Odlum Brown's highly respected research.
  • Take a long-term view.
  • Seek to meet client objectives and outperform relative benchmarks.
  • Measure and model out currency risks.
  • Integrate tax mitigation into portfolio construction and management.

What we DON'T do:

  • Build portfolios that mindlessly mirror the S&P/TSX Index.
  • Engage in short-term trading strategies.
  • Invest in speculative, small-capitalization securities.
  • Pool your investments with other investors.
  • Resort to technical jargon in our written communications.
Investment Approach

We seek to protect and grow our clients’ wealth over the long term. Our disciplined, value-based investment approach allows us to identify and invest in best-in-class businesses when they become undervalued. It lets us seek out strong companies with robust fundamentals, distinct competitive advantages and margins of safety. By doing so, we aim to achieve solid long-term absolute performance.


Our equity portfolios are built around the recommendations of Odlum Brown’s highly regarded in-house Research Department. Explore the links below to discover:

Fixed Income

Our bond portfolios and strategy are guided by the recommendations of our Fixed Income Strategist, and our bond desk, headed by the Vice President, Trading and Syndication. Learn more about:

Financial Planning

The Financial Planning Process

Diana Ruse works with our clients to build a financial plan. We use this plan to project and gain a mutual understanding of the probable growth or decline (through withdrawals) of your Odlum Brown portfolio, optimize the structure of your accounts to minimize tax and to create an investment portfolio that matches your objectives. We construct the financial plan based on the information you provide and conservative return assumptions. There are five steps in the planning process:

1. Discovery

We gather information and make careful notes about the assets, liabilities, obligations, retirement goals and estate objectives that are relevant to your financial plan.

2. Building the Model

We construct a financial model that depicts where you are today and, based on the information you have provided us, what your financial picture may look like in the future. It is during this step in the planning process that we:

      a) See how your assets and income will develop over time and assess the need to change strategies in the future.
      b) Compare different scenarios, such as income splitting between spouses, as well as review how different savings or withdrawal strategies can impact your overall goal.
      c) Look at the tax implications of various investment decisions and identify opportunities for minimizing and deferring tax.
      d) Offer to liaise with your accountant and/or lawyer to ensure that your family’s financial plan represents a collaboration of your trusted advisors.

    3. Presenting the Projections

    We meet with you to review all of the assumptions and details that we used to build the plan. We discuss the scenario presented and make any amendments desired based on your feedback and our expertise.

    4. Implementing the Strategy

    We create or amend your investment portfolio to match the objectives outlined in your plan. We may also schedule deposits or withdrawals to either fund the growth of your investments or provide income for retirement needs or beneficiaries.

    5. Revisiting the Financial Plan

    We periodically review your plan and investment strategy and compare where your portfolio is now to where we expected it to be. We update and amend the financial plan as required.