Chad Price

A Partner in Your Family’s Finances

Chad Price and his team specialize in providing discretionary portfolio management to high-net-worth individuals, families, professionals and corporations. We think of ourselves as a partner in our clients' finances and customize investment portfolios to reflect their goals and objectives. Our typical client has an average of $1MM in investable assets. Our team consists of Portfolio Manager Chad Price, Investment Associate Carmen Ang and Investment Assistant Krista Scott.  

Our Team

Chad Price
Carmen Ang
Krista Scott

Chad Price, CIM, CIWM, CMT, DMS, FCSI®
Director, Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5467 | [email protected]

As a Portfolio Manager, Chad blends his experience and passion for investing with his deep understanding of the wealth management process. He moved from the Sunshine Coast to pursue post-secondary education and begin a career in the investment industry. Chad joined Odlum Brown in the summer of 1997 and worked as an Equity and Derivatives Trader for six years prior to becoming an Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager. He is a Director and a valued member of Odlum Brown’s Retail Advisory Committee. In 2014, Chad was included in Wealth Professional magazine’s Top 50 Advisors, spotlighting the Canadian financial services industry’s top performers. He is currently a Director for the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation and Chair of the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation’s Investment and Oversight Committee. + Learn More

Carmen Ang, CFP®
Investment Associate
Telephone: 604-844-5470 | [email protected]

Carmen is an Investment Associate with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® designation. She brings an enormous depth of knowledge to all aspects of the business in the department of financial strategies and financial projections. She is a great resource in acting as the liaison between clients and the Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited* team throughout the financial planning process.

Krista Scott
Investment Assistant
Telephone: 604-844-5629 | [email protected]

Krista is an Investment Assistant. Having been part of Odlum Brown’s Client Services department for eight years, Krista gained valuable experience in several different roles. This knowledge is significantly beneficial in her role facilitating account administration, client correspondence and supporting the team.

Sabrina Cho
Administrative Assistant
Telephone: 604-899-8740 | [email protected]

Sabrina Cho joined the team in 2022 as an Administrative Assistant. Having worked in a similar capacity at a large financial institution locally, her knowledge in the financial services sector is a great benefit to the team and our clients.

Our Process

We manage wealth for our clients at two levels: building a fundamentally strong investment portfolio coupled with a well-defined financial plan.*

  • Our process begins with learning everything we need to know about our clients. This is done through a discovery meeting to fully understand the risk tolerance and financial goals of our clients.
  • Once we have a firm understanding of client objectives, we clearly communicate our proposed strategy, including our transparent fee structure.
  • To enhance the investment strategy, we create financial plans to assist with tax, retirement and estate planning, along with wealth transfer and philanthropic goals.*
  • With this understanding, we build tax-efficient investment portfolios using a combination of fixed income and equities.
  • We monitor your portfolio carefully and make adjustments as necessary. We speak and meet regularly to provide updates and ensure we are on track to meet your financial goals.
  • We encourage clients to ask questions! We love hearing from our clients and helping them understand the often complex world of investing.

*In conjunction with Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Odlum Brown Limited offering life insurance products, retirement, estate and financial planning exclusively to Odlum Brown clients.

Investment Approach

We protect and grow our clients’ wealth using a long-term, disciplined investment approach.

As part of an independent investment firm, our interests are aligned with those of our clients. Being independent allows us to use an unbiased approach and build investment portfolios that are uniquely designed for our clients’ risk and return goals.

Asset Allocation

Understanding a client’s risk tolerance is the first step to building an effective investment portfolio. The information we collect from clients helps us to recommend an appropriate balance of equities and fixed income. Where suitable, this is further diversified to include preferred shares, real estate investment trusts and covered call strategies.


We believe that investment wealth is created by buying and holding shares in high-quality companies for the long term. A stock represents an ownership position in a business. Accordingly, we think like business owners and recommend shares in businesses that we would like to own ourselves. We pay particular attention to valuation, as stocks purchased at attractive prices provide a margin of safety and superior long-term return potential.

Odlum Brown’s Research Department is highly regarded across Canada for its long-term thinking and high-quality, objective research. Our research team provides analysis on a wide range of companies, which make up the Odlum Brown Model Portfolio. We use this research to our advantage when we formulate your investment strategy.

Fixed Income Strategy

Our approach to fixed income investing is to ensure the preservation of capital. The return on principal, while important, ranks second to the return of principal. Our first priority is to preserve your capital and produce returns on your fixed income investments. We work closely with Odlum Brown’s Fixed Income Strategist as well as our Trade Desk to formulate our fixed income strategy and select holdings.

Financial Planning

"You've got to be careful if you don't know where you're going because you might not get there." – Yogi Berra

While Yogi Berra’s quote was not related to investing, it sends a powerful message about creating and following a financial plan.

Financial planning is more than building an investment portfolio; it is a comprehensive review of all the moving parts of your financial life. Having a well-defined financial plan helps guide and strengthen your investment portfolio.

To accomplish in-depth planning, we work with our team of specialists at Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited, the firm’s wholly owned subsidiary whose services are available exclusively to Odlum Brown clients. Areas we can assist with include:

  • Financial planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth transfer
  • Insurance planning and products
  • Tax information services
  • Philanthropy

With your consent, we will coordinate with your other professional advisors, such as accountants and lawyers, to capture the complexity of your financial affairs. We can also connect you with these professionals, if needed.

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