Paul Donaldson, Philip Lee & Sarah Mouritzen

Left to right: Deborah Edwards, Paul Donaldson, Sarah Mouritzen and Philip Lee 
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Who We Are
We are Portfolio Managers, supported by an Investment Assistant, who take pride in the integrity of our client-focused relationships. Through a disciplined investment approach and aligned interests, we help our clients achieve the financial freedom to focus on what is important to them.

We believe that investment wealth is created by buying and holding shares of high-quality companies for the long term. A stock represents an ownership position in a business. Accordingly, we think like business owners and recommend shares in businesses that we would like to own ourselves. We pay particular attention to valuation, as stocks purchased at attractive prices provide a margin of safety and superior long-term return potential.

Investment success requires discipline. Our investment approach is value-based, disciplined and at times contrarian. We are prepared to think differently than the crowd and firmly believe that one has to act differently than the average investor to achieve above average results. Let the Odlum Brown difference work in your favour.

As you enjoy your golden years – Protect your assets, enjoy a reliable cash flow and the fruits of your labour. This is the lifestyle you have worked for your entire life.

As you plan to transfer your wealth to future generations – Confidently consider your options and benefit from the advice of respected professionals you can trust to have your best interests at heart.


Paul H. Donaldson, BBA, CIM, FMA, FCSI
Branch Manager Chilliwack / Langley, Director, Portfolio Manager
Chilliwack: (604) 824-3372 | Langley: (604) 607-7525 [email protected]

Philip Lee, BBA, CIM
Associate Portfolio Manager
(604) 824-3378 | [email protected]

Sarah Mouritzen, MBA
Associate Portfolio Manager
(604) 824-3370 | [email protected]

Deborah Edwards
Investment Assistant, Branch Administrator Chilliwack / Langley
Chilliwack: (604) 824-3375 | Langley: (604)-607-7503
[email protected]

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