Paul Donaldson, Philip Lee & Sarah Mouritzen

Working with Us 

We understand that a secure financial future is important to you and your family; therefore, we will always have your best interests at heart. You work hard to build your wealth, and you deserve a team that will work just as hard to help keep your financial goals on track by:

  • Building a solid relationship based on trust and an understanding of you and your family’s financial goals
  • Protecting and growing your assets with investment strategies that match your needs and risk tolerance
  • Offering advice that is easy to understand, open communication, and regular portfolio reviews

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Rather than asking, “Is now a good time to be in the stock market?” we ponder the right amount of money to commit to equities over the long term. The answer will depend on your return objectives and individual risk tolerance, and it should not vary with the day-to-day movement of the market. The allocation of your assets should only change if and when your circumstances do.

We offer portfolio management on a discretionary basis, which provides clients freedom from the responsibility of asset management. Managed accounts are charged an annual fee payable monthly, based on the assets under administration, without paying a commission per trade.

Other benefits of discretionary portfolio management include:

  • A one-on-one relationship with your portfolio manager
  • Efficient management of your holdings and swift action as circumstances dictate
  • Regular reports detailing account holdings, portfolio strategy and performance
  • Disciplined strategy on buying and selling securities in your portfolio.

We believe that there are typically three circumstances when one should consider selling:

1. Overvaluation: When the market judges a business to be more valuable than the underlying facts would indicate it is worth.
2. The Switch: Selling a security that is fairly valued or even undervalued because funds are required for a more undervalued and/or a higher quality
3. Misjudgment: Selling a security when it becomes apparent that an investment thesis was wrong. Common mistakes include misjudging the
competitive strengths of a company and/or the future economics of the industry in which it operates.

Fee Structure for Managed Accounts

Our remuneration is tied to the performance of your portfolio under our guidance. Unlike commission accounts that charge a fee per transaction, annual fees for managed accounts are levied as a percentage of the assets under administration and paid monthly. Management fees for non-registered accounts may be income tax deductible. Contact us for more information.

Financial Planning

We want to ensure that our clients’ investment strategy successfully meets their financial goals. We start by discovering what is important to each individual and family, and tailor our advice and strategy based on their goals. We recognize that our clients’ financial circumstances or objectives may change and that our approach must adapt to their evolving needs.

To ensure that we have a clear and up-to-date understanding of our clients’ financial situation, we encourage them to take advantage of the insurance, financial, retirement and estate planning services offered exclusively to Odlum Brown clients by the highly qualified team at Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Odlum Brown Limited. This is all part of our comprehensive approach to address our clients’ needs.