Floyd R. Hill and his team

Let us help you secure your financial future.

The cornerstone of our approach is providing highly personalized and unbiased solutions to each and every client’s unique investment and financial needs. Since every client’s situation is different, applying a “cookie cutter” approach is simply not an option. Instead, we offer investment guidance and services specifically tailored to your needs.

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Our Team

Learn more about our team by clicking any of our names below. Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your financial goals and secure your financial future.

Floyd R. Hill, CIM
Vice President, Director, Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5378 | [email protected]

Marian Bayley, FSCI, CIM
Investment Associate, Associate Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5401 | [email protected]

Sasha Evans, BBA, CIM, CFA
Investment Associate, Associate Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5414 | [email protected] 

Vidhya Vivekananda
Investment Assistant
Telephone: 604-844-5618 | [email protected]

David O’Brien, CIM
Investment Advisor
Telephone: 604-899-8742 | [email protected]

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is simple and has stood the test of time. Our approach is value-based. In general, the primary objective is to buy businesses with compelling valuations trading at discounted prices to their intrinsic value.

Diversification is perhaps the most basic principle of sound investing, and we ensure that clients’ portfolios have an appropriate degree of diversification to match their needs and objectives.

In addition to the research provided by Odlum Brown’s Research Department, we have access to the trusted insight of some of Canada’s top professional money managers. We enrich our findings with input from these experts as it provides an additional level of validation for our recommendations and value-style of investing.

Personalized Service

Our goals are to:

  1.  Provide solid investment returns
  2.  Protect your wealth from a permanent loss of capital
  3.  Create long-lasting investment portfolios customized for your needs

Our personalized portfolio management services include:

  • Taking an x-ray of where you currently are with your investments
  • Financial Plan preparation*
  • Customizing portfolio construction
  • Ongoing portfolio re-balancing as required
  • Relevant portfolio performance reporting, including market and economic commentaries
  • Guidance and referrals to other leading professional experts, such as lawyers and accountants, to assist with all aspects of client needs
  • Providing detailed year-end and income tax reporting to clients and their accountants

*Available through Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited.

Investment Approach


Many investors want to be involved in the process of creating and securing their own wealth. Client involvement coupled with our investment guidance creates a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our ongoing commitment is to provide regular portfolio reviews with comparisons to key benchmarks to ensure your portfolio is keeping pace.

Team Based Approach - Breadth of Service

With a team based approach, we can provide you with the best service possible.

Through our established relationships with top caliber specialists in related fields, we can provide referrals to assist with your accounting, legal, estate planning* and insurance* needs.

*Available through Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited.

Client Testimonials


“I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the work that you and your team have done.  I very much value the relationship that I have with you and how constantly my best interests are being looked after. With all sincerity, thank you very much.”

– M.W. (June 2016)

“Odlum Brown has done me a great service over the many years.  Whenever anyone mentions investing and saving and what to do, I have always recommended Floyd Hill.” 

– J.N. (June 2015)

“I've been trusting Floyd’s advice for 27 years.  I have always felt secure with Floyd not only because I have someone watching my financial plan, but I have felt that someone is also watching over my personal interests.”

– C.A. (March 2017)