John Mackenzie CPA, CA, CFA
Portfolio Manager
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Investment Philosophy and Approach

John specializes in wealth creation for private investors, with expertise in tax-efficient portfolio preservation. His reputation for integrity has been earned over more than 20 years of professional and business experience.

As a Portfolio Manager, John's principal focus is providing discretionary portfolio management for private investors. Investors are liberated from the day-to-day responsibility of investment management, allowing them to emphasize the other important aspects of their lives.

John is a strong advocate of Odlum Brown's contrarian philosophy and value style. We care deeply about valuation and the price we pay for an investment. We think of a stock as part ownership in a business, rather than a piece of paper upon which to speculate. We like companies with good growth potential, while recognizing that the best prices are realized by buying companies when they are out of favour or experiencing some kind of fundamental weakness. Remaining true to these convictions has enabled the hypothetical Odlum Brown Model Portfolio to significantly outperform the S&P/TSX Index since the Model's inception in 1994.

Bonds are often an equally important part of investment portfolios. Emphasis is therefore placed on high-quality, investment grade bonds for portfolios that demand enhanced stability and predictability.


Prior to being drawn to Odlum Brown's unrivalled reputation for integrity, independence, and superior investment performance, John was a trusted advisor with a large national investment firm. His career also included several years of domestic and international experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers in accounting, taxation, and business valuations. In addition, he was the Manager of Finance & Investor Relations with a $450 million firm specializing in real estate acquisitions and management.

Professional Designations and University Education

Chartered Accountant
Chartered Financial Analyst
Chartered Professional Accountant
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts (Economics)

Contact John

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange an appointment to discuss how John may help you, please contact him at (604) 844-5366 or [email protected].