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Our investment is in you.

Wealth is not just about money, and investments don’t exist in a vacuum. A customized, “whole wealth” approach—encompassing everything from financial planning* to portfolio building—can reap rewards that are more than just monetary.

We focus on integrating personalized investment management and financial planning for our clients, in conjunction with Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited. We provide guidance to help achieve your financial goals by growing and protecting your wealth. With experience navigating numerous bull and bear markets, our team has always maintained our philosophy of providing unbiased advice, selecting high-quality investments and following a disciplined investment approach.

Our team’s commitment to transparency and accountability has allowed us to develop strong, meaningful relationships as a trusted family advisor for our clients.


Peter R. Jando, CFA, FCSI | Portfolio Manager, Branch Manager, Director
Telephone: (250) 952 7767 | [email protected]

Since 1995, Pete has focused on ensuring that his clients receive the best counsel for their investments. As a Portfolio Manager, he is committed to building lasting and trusted relationships with his clients and continuously upgrading his knowledge to keep up with developments in the marketplace. Along with being appointed Branch Manager of the Victoria office and an Odlum Brown Director, he has achieved several industry designations. + Learn More

Katrina M. Chvedukas, BA | Investment Associate
Telephone: (250) 952 7730 | [email protected]

Katrina has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Writing for Journalism from the University of Western Ontario. She brings significant experience to her role as an Investment Associate, having worked in various roles within a major bank and their investment arm, as well as a multi-billion-dollar investment brokerage, prior to joining Odlum Brown. Katrina is currently working toward her Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation + Learn More 

Personalized Service

Do you have a detailed plan to ensure a comfortable and dignified retirement? Do you have a plan for the next generation of your family? Are your investments managed appropriately to make these goals a reality? Who helps you stay on track through market and economic cycles?

Our goal is to provide value and support for these situations and help you achieve your long-term objectives.

In his nearly 30-year career, Pete has learned that:

  • If you think something is important, but not immediately urgent, it is often pushed to the back of your mind or your calendar.
  • People often benefit from a professional push to deal with necessary, but often complex, financial decisions.
  • Smart, successful people still benefit from professional guidance with their personal finances and investments.
  • Success is achieved by managing emotions and behaviour as much as managing the investments.

While a client’s investment portfolio drives the overall financial plan,* there are other elements that are equally as important:

  • Personal goals and objectives;
  • Family considerations; 
  • Risks, gaps and pitfalls; 
  • Taxes; and
  • Estate plans.

To achieve success, under Pete’s direction, we offer:

  • Discretionary portfolio management;
  • Personalized client portfolio reviews;
  • Open and direct communication;
  • Education and information; and
  • Effective collaboration.
Investment Approach

We build and manage disciplined investment portfolios for busy individuals and their families. Not every client is the same; therefore, every strategy is developed individually for each client, based on their financial requirements, lifestyle and comfort level.

The investment philosophy we follow is consistent with Odlum Brown’s: we look for top-quality companies with solid balance sheets and growing profits, whose shares are trading at or below their fundamental value. Over the long term, this approach has produced solid returns, while controlling risk.

We also strategically allocate investment assets between TFSAs, RRSPs, RRIFs and taxable accounts (personal or corporate) to reduce tax and improve net returns.

By managing investment risk, as well as investor behaviour and emotions, we help clients protect and increase their wealth. They can be confident knowing that their investments are in reliable hands and that their goals are achievable.

Think long term. Prepare for, but do not fear, volatility. Diversify to take advantage of growth where it may occur. Monitor investments and revise plans when necessary. 
Our Approach

Financial Planning

Often the greatest value we can add for our clients is on the financial planning side. Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited, we are able to offer a broad spectrum of financial planning services. We recognize the diversity and complexity of your values and beliefs, so we offer these services to ensure you receive the solutions that align with your goals.    
Financial Planning
Why is it important?

You wouldn’t take a road trip without having a map. Similarly, we need to know what you are trying to achieve with your investments and what your long- and short-term goals are. It’s often not about what your finances look like today, but what they will look like 20-plus years in the future.

The Benefits:

  1. Uncovering gaps and risks to your financial future.
  2. Determining what we need in order to meet your long-term goals.
  3. Building the appropriate portfolio to get you get there.

This is a highly individualized process. Your circumstances are specific to you and so should be your plan. 

in Our Community

Our Place
Victoria Symphony
Threshold Housing Society

Our Place Society serves Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable, including people struggling with homelessness, mental health challenges, substance use issues, the working poor and impoverished elderly. Our Place provides over 1,000 meals every day, plus snacks, 400 units of housing plus transitional shelter spaces, hot showers, education, job skills, health care, addiction recovery services, donated clothing, counseling and outreach services, as well as a 60-bin storage facility. Most importantly, Our Place provides a sense of hope and belonging to our neighbours in need. Pete is an Advisory Board Member.

The Victoria Symphony is a highly versatile Canadian orchestra that inspires, educates and captivates our community through the transformational power of music. For over 80 years, the Victoria Symphony has engaged audiences, created drama and stirred emotion through the power of live music. As one of British Columbia’s largest performing arts organizations, the Victoria Symphony performs for an astounding 125,000 people each year. From classical repertoire to pops, new music, opera and ballet, the orchestra continues to delight audiences of all ages. Pete is the President of the Board.

Threshold Housing Society works to prevent adult homelessness by providing safe housing, support services and community to at-risk youth. Threshold Housing Society serves at-risk youth experiencing homelessness, aging out of care or fleeing violence in the home and young adults who need a place to call home and people who believe in them. They offer safe housing, community and support to help youth make healthy choices and shift toward a brighter future. Katrina is a member of the society.

Belfry Theatre’s CRUSH Fine Wine Auction – Co-Sponsors 
The Belfry is a professional not-for-profit theatre company based in Victoria, BC. They are dedicated to producing contemporary plays, with an emphasis on Canadian work and promoting artistic, cultural and educational events in the Greater Victoria Region. The Belfry produces up to 12 plays per year: one or two summer productions, a four-play Mainstage series and SPARK, a mid-winter festival of innovative and alternative work from across Canada. The Belfry’s mission is to produce theatre that generates ideas and dialogue, and that makes the audience see the world a little differently.

Odlum Brown supports numerous additional community organizations and events, including in Greater Victoria. More information can be found here.

*Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Odlum Brown Limited offering life insurance products, retirement, estate and financial planning exclusively to Odlum Brown clients.