Peter Jando CFA, FCSI
Portfolio Manager, Branch Manager, Director
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"I build and manage conservative investment portfolios on a fee-only basis for busy individuals and their families."

Area of Expertise: Portfolio Planning and Investment Management

Rather than the traditional transaction oriented client/advisor relationship, I focus on the long-term management of my clients’ assets. This includes developing investment portfolios designed specifically for each of my clients based on their financial requirements, lifestyle and comfort level.

By maximizing returns and minimizing risks, I help my clients increase their wealth while ensuring that they are confident in knowing that their investments are in reliable hands.

An important element of my service is the management fee, based on assets under administration, which replaces the trade commissions normally charged. Not only can this fee reduce investment costs, but it aligns my goals directly with my clients’ – my business grows only when their assets grow.

Investment Style: Value

My investment philosophy is consistent with Odlum Brown’s; I look for top-quality companies with solid balance sheets and growing profits whose stocks are trading well below their fundamental values. Over the long-term, this approach has produced above average returns with below average risk.

Think long-term. Prepare for, but do not fear volatility. Diversify to take advantage of growth wherever it may occur. Monitor investments and revise plans when necessary.

Experience and Professional Achievements

I joined Odlum Brown in 1991 after completing the Administrative Management program at BCIT. In order to broaden my career experience, I took an 18-month hiatus and worked for a large manufacturing firm in Eastern Europe. Since returning to Odlum Brown in 1995 I have focused squarely on ensuring that my clients receive the best counsel for their investments. I am committed to continually upgrading my knowledge to keep up with developments in the marketplace and have achieved the following standings:

Canadian Securities Course (1991), Certified Investment Manager (1993), Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (1995), Associate Portfolio Manager (1996), Chartered Financial Analyst (2001), Portfolio Manager (2002).

You can expect:

As my client, you can expect:

  • the development of a comprehensive financial plan
  • a quarterly summary of performance
  • on-going monitoring of each account and investment
  • regular review of strategy and plan
  • easy access to me, including prompt return of telephone calls

In Conclusion

Hiring a professional accountant or lawyer to look after your needs saves you both time and money. We cannot be experts in every field and some functions are too important to "do-it-yourself." For this reason it makes sense to hire a qualified professional to manage your financial assets. As an investment expert, I monitor your portfolio on a full-time basis and have quick access to information in today’s fast paced markets. Over the long-run, I can help you achieve your financial targets, control your risk and let you focus on your family and business.

I expect to be working with my clients for the next 30 years and I am actively seeking investors who understand the value of professional financial management and with whom I can build a long-term relationship based on trust and service.

Please feel free to call (250) 952-7767, fax (250) 386-7782 or e-mail me at with questions about the markets in general or any specific concerns that you may have.

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