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In an industry of rising complexity, we strive to be an oasis of simplicity and integrity in all things we do.

R&S Investment Management was established in 1986 with the goal of providing exceptional investment management services. Our clients include high-net-worth individuals, families, trusts, businesses, foundations and not-for-profit organizations.

Investment Philosophy

Our job is to take your hard-earned money and use our expertise to invest it in a collection of excellent businesses that will preserve and grow your capital over time on a tax-efficient basis. We recognize the different goals and risk tolerances of our clients, and customize each portfolio to best reflect specific needs.

Equity Investing

Investing is our passion. We believe in making money for clients the old fashioned way: the long-term ownership of outstanding businesses. In our opinion, the most practical way to do this is by owning common stocks purchased at attractive valuations.

We invest with the mindset of a business owner and follow a four-part filtering process to control investment risk:

1. Strong Businesses: We look for profitable businesses that earn good returns on their invested capital, require little additional capital to remain competitive and conduct their affairs without taking on too much debt.

2. Reinvestment Opportunities: We favour businesses that have attractive reinvestment opportunities and, if not, return excess capital to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases.

3. Capable Management: We look for businesses run by operators who are equally talented and honest, with substantial skin in the game.

4. Attractive Valuation: We seek out situations where the stock price is below our assessment of the company’s intrinsic value.

Fixed Income Investing

Our primary goal for fixed-income investing is the preservation of capital, adjusted for inflation. The return on principal, while important, ranks second to the return of principal. We approach fixed-income investing the same way we do equities. We determine what we are receiving (interest payments and capital appreciation potential) in return for what we are giving up (our investment capital), and what risks are involved. In particular, we put a strict focus on the bond issuer’s ability to pay its bondholders.

Investment performance is far too often judged exclusively by investment returns; we gauge performance against the risk that was incurred to generate the results.

Above all, we are prepared to think and act differently than the crowd to achieve superior results on a risk-adjusted basis.

Our Beliefs

Partnership is at the root of all we do – from our approach with valued clients, to how we work as a team within our firm, to the qualities we seek in the management teams of companies in which we invest. At Odlum Brown, we believe that aligning our interests with those of our stakeholders creates mutually beneficial outcomes.

We measure success by helping clients meet their investing goals without taking unnecessary risks. Keeping our clients informed of their portfolio’s performance and educated on their investments along the journey are important aspects to an optimal result.

We run an investment management practice that:

  • Puts clients’ interests first. Always
  • Engages directly and regularly with clients
  • Invests our own money alongside clients in the same businesses (we eat our own cooking!)
  • Enables transparency when it comes to fees and investment returns
  • Uses fee-based accounts so our business grows when our clients’ assets grow
  • Provides quality service and a great deal of attention to a limited number of clients
  • Takes a stand against costly investment products and inefficient tax decisions, minimizing the friction that hurts investment results
  • Strives to keep it simple – be it in our team structure, investment holdings or client communication

We strive to challenge the status quo, think differently and do our best to keep our clients on track toward their financial objectives.


R&S Investment Management is a full-service portfolio management team that provides discretionary management of investment portfolios. A few of our services include:

  • Fee-based portfolio management
  • Cash, corporate, and estate accounts
  • Family Trust Accounts
  • RRSP, RRIF, RESP and TFSA account management
  • Expertise in a full range of investment securities and investment vehicles
  • Written quarterly review of every fee-based managed account
  • Meetings any time a client wishes. Our door is always open and accessibility is paramount.
  • Comprehensive financial planning through Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the firm

Since 1987, we have published the R&S Investment Management Review, a monthly newsletter which features comments on equity and bond markets, individual securities and many other topics pertaining to investors. This is one way we share our views on portfolio strategy.


For over 30 years, through several stock market crashes, three recessions and countless investment manias, we have provided solid investment returns for our clients over the long term without subjecting capital to unnecessary risks.

R&S Investment Management began as a partnership between Peter Robson (retired) and Rick Sales in 1986. Please check out our timeline for a more detailed look at one of the oldest investment partnerships in British Columbia.

Our team-based approach means there is an entire team of professionals ensuring our clients’ wealth is being managed effectively. It also means the same people looking after your money today will be doing so many years from now in what is commonly a transient industry. We’re here to stay.

Experience is a major component of successful money management. Together, we have over 130 years of investment industry experience.

Our Team

Left to right: Emily Chang, Ryan French, Dan Hincks, Catherine Woods

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Ryan French, MSc., CIM, FCSI®
Director, Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5373 | [email protected]

Dan Hincks, CFA
Director, Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5476 | [email protected]

Catherine Woods, BA, CIM
Investment Associate, Associate Portfolio Manager
Telephone: 604-844-5343 | [email protected]

Emily Chang, CFA
Investment Assistant
Telephone: 604-844-5429 | [email protected]

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