Robin, Max, Trevor, Brett

From left to right: Robin Smith, Max Hager, Trevor Short, Brett Letham

Financial markets are turbulent and often paradoxical; navigating them demands discipline, forethought and prudence. We can help.

Trevor Short and
Max Hager

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Trevor Short

Vice President, Director, Portfolio Manager
Phone: (604) 844-5328

Max Hager

Portfolio Manager
Phone: (604) 844-5394

Brett Letham

Investment Associate
Phone: (604) 844-5365


Robin Smith

Investment Associate
Phone: (604) 844-5339


Our team delivers professional investment management with our clients’ best interests at heart. We offer discretionary, fee-based portfolio management services by referral to families, professionals and non-profit organizations. The core of our relationships is a deep understanding of our clients’ unique needs, and a commitment to growing and preserving their wealth.


Trust is a crucial component of any enduring client/advisor relationship. To build trust we:

  • Deliver exceptional client service through frequent and effective communication.
  • Tailor investment portfolios to the objectives, needs, expectations, and risk tolerance of our clients.
  • Ensure that established portfolios are reviewed regularly, and adjustments are made to reflect the dynamic situations and needs of our clients.


Drawing upon Odlum Brown's independent research, we construct portfolios tailored to fit your needs. Where appropriate, we draw upon the investment ideas featured in our hypothetical Model Portfolio. Working closely with Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited, as well as your existing team of trusted legal and accounting advisors means you will always know:

  • Where you have been
  • Where you are now
  • Where you are going and how we get there


Without investment banking or underwriting activities, conflicts of interest are eliminated, aligning our values and interests with those of our clients. We are proud to uphold Odlum Brown Limited’s 90-year tradition of putting clients first. Our clients depend on our dedicated, disciplined advice and Odlum Brown’s objective research to grow and preserve their wealth.

Whether your passion lies with your family, business, cause, or legacy, our disciplined expertise frees up more time for whatever inspires you.