Zdenka Gomes CFA, CIM, B.Comm
Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor
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Email: [email protected]
Matt Streit
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  • If you feel it is only about a sale, not a relationship.
  • If you're ignored when your portfolio dips.
  • If your risk profile is only categorized as high/medium/low with no customization or explanation.
  • If your contributions aren’t being heard and you’re always navigating through a middle person.
  • If your monthly statements are impossible to decipher.

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“We very much appreciate the outstanding work that Zdenka has done for us over the past 10 years. Her expertise and the attention to detail with which she’s managed our investments is and has always been excellent. She's committed to understanding and helping us meet our goals and achieve overall financial wellness. Zdenka communicates in a timely and forthright way; she’s always pleasant, professional and approachable. We are very pleased with the advice and approach that Zdenka has provided with our portfolio!”

– Raphael and Lisa, clients since 2011

"Zdenka understands the market in a surprisingly deep way."

– Eric R., client since 2013

As a CFA charterholder and Portfolio Manager, I'm qualified to provide guidance and direction to my clients, and to invest on their behalf. There is no intermediary, only full transparency and accountability.

And although there are no guarantees with the market, I have delivered strong performance results for my clients over the past decade, with lower volatility.

I have a disciplined investment strategy and invest with integrity, while focusing on generating above-industry returns for my clients. I am passionate about creating life-long relationships with my clients and building portfolios that help them achieve their personal financial and retirement goals.

"Through both good and bad markets, she keeps updating me, keeps communicating with me. She's there for me."

– Lenka D., client since 2013

"Zdenka never tries to take an 'I know more than you do' position, even though she knows much more than I do. I feel I better understand what she's sharing, and why."

– Gilbert U., client since 2010

I communicate with my clients when things are good, and not-so-good. I always explain the various opportunities and positions available to them, knowing they rely on me to translate my expertise into language they understand. I keep my clients informed and in control of their portfolio, because that empowers them and offers them peace of mind. I am their trusted advisor.

I know I have earned their trust when my clients recommend me to their friends and family. I'm their partner in creating and preserving their wealth.

"I think Odlum Brown is an operation that ensures people I work with – like Zdenka – are honest, proactive, hard-working and results-oriented."

– Gilbert U., client since 2010

"I love that Zdenka has skin in the game. She invests in positions she recommends. And she's an entrepreneur, so she understands how an entrepreneur thinks."

– Michael C., client since 2016

Investing is a team effort and my team is very strong. By working with me, my clients are also supported by Odlum Brown’s team of highly-regarded research analysts, dedicated financial planners, tax specialists, insurance specialists and a robust, in-house client service’s team that is second to none.

I am also part of an independent investment firm, which means I am free to recommend positions best suited to each client, without any conflicts of interest. The positions I recommend aren't influenced by payouts to my firm.

Odlum Brown has a reputation for integrity, honesty and delivering results; and putting the needs of their clients first – always. I am proud to be a part of that.

"If you want to live your life and sleep at night, Zdenka is the person who should be your partner in finance."

– Alice M., client since 2008

"I'm a new client. But as soon as Zdenka saw the areas I was invested in, she suggested a few minor moves that created immediate gain. This had nothing to do with the market - just smart, strategic thinking."

– Marc S., client since 2020

If you'd like to have me evaluate your portfolio and talk about investment options, I'd be happy to. Let's start the conversation.

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