Odlum Brown Report

September 29, 2016

In this issue of the Odlum Brown Report:

  • Stocks Rise Despite Trump Mania | The question du jour is, “What will the stock market do if Trump is president?” It’s a good and fair question. Unfortunately, it’s tough to answer. Murray Leith, Executive Vice President and Director of Investment Research, highlights why we believe stocks have rallied because investors realized they were too pessimistic about the economic outlook at the beginning of the year, not because Trump’s popularity has increased. Mr. Leith also explores a number of recent trades within the Odlum Brown Model Portfolio. + Learn More

  • Do You Suffer from Insure-o-phobia? | Rita Ager, Insurance Specialist at Odlum Brown Financial Services Limited, tackles some of the reasons people experience real dread of thinking about, discussing and purchasing life insurance.
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