President's Message

“We are proud of our rich history and the core principles that define our relationships with clients.”

Debra A. HewsonOdlum Brown is committed to helping clients preserve and grow their wealth. Since 1923, we have thrived by providing thoughtful, unbiased and objective advice to individual investors.

Focused on the individual investor client.
We focus exclusively on the investment advisory needs of our individual investor clients. We do not provide investment banking or other corporate finance activities. This allows our research department to be guided only by the interests of our clients when identifying quality equity and fixed income investment opportunities.

Unlike most of our competitors, our trading department acts as a service centre, not a profit centre. This means we do not trade for our own account. As a result we do not expose ourselves - or indirectly our clients - to the risks, conflicts, and volatility associated with this type of trading.

Our key administrative functions are provided in-house. Many firms outsource this function to third parties, limiting their ability to personalize the services they offer clients. Odlum Brown’s administrative services are performed by our employees for our clients.

Simply said, all of our efforts are directed towards putting our clients’ interests first.

Dedicated to a disciplined value-based approach.
Our dedicated team of investment professionals is committed to earning the trust of our clients by structuring portfolios uniquely suited to each client’s needs and aspirations. We recognize that every client has unique goals and requires our advice to be tailored to those needs.

Committed to remaining independent.
We are a private company entirely owned by our employees. We value our independence, and so do our clients. With over 250 employees, we are large enough to have the scale to deliver the services our clients require and expect, but small enough to preserve the family-like culture that we cherish.

By continuing to align the core principles of Odlum Brown with the financial goals of our clients we will continue to build relationships that will endure for generations.

Debra A. Hewson
President and Chief Executive Officer