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Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope


Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope

Since 2014, Odlum Brown team members from branches throughout the province have come together to create teams and fundraise for the annual Ovarian Cancer Canada Walk of Hope. The walk directs attention and funds exclusively toward helping women with ovarian cancer live fuller, better and longer lives.

Each year, team members plan events and activities, including a popular online auction, to raise funds for this cause. The Odlum Brown team is consistently among the top three fundraising teams in Canada. In 2020, the Vancouver team was the top fundraising team for all of Canada, and to date has raised over $540,000 in much-needed funds.

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What did you to get involved?

“It has been an absolute honour to support OCC over the last four years. Ovarian cancer is the silent killer – although it is not as common as other types of cancer, it is the most fatal women’s cancer in Canada. Women are often diagnosed late stage and bombarded with a very intense treatment schedule. Often times these women know very little about the disease and have never met anyone else who has been diagnosed. I am proud to be involved with the Walk of Hope in Kelowna to help support and celebrate the women and their families in our community who have been touched by this disease.”

Kelly Davidson, Investment Associate, Kelowna

“I joined the OCC team because of the testimonial I heard from a survivor. I was shocked to know there was no clear test to determine if a woman has ovarian cancer. I was also shocked that many doctors aren’t familiar with the symptoms, which means most women aren’t diagnosed until late stages.

I want to be a part of a larger group trying to arm and support women with the tools to prevent this cancer from taking hold in women’s lives. In the case of ovarian cancer, a little knowledge isn’t dangerous, but lifesaving.

I enjoy the opportunity to meet with people to hear their stories. I have to admit, I also enjoy the Love Her Galas. So much fun!"

 – Deb Edwards, Branch Administrator, Investment Assistant, Chilliwack and Langley

“I decided to get involved with OCC three years ago when the opportunity presented itself, because ovarian cancer is of great concern to my family. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with late-stage ovarian cancer 20 years ago and she was fortunate to survive. We soon learned that my wife and her sister had the same genetic predisposition to the disease, and my daughters and niece may also carry the same genes. Ovarian cancer is a terrible disease and much work still needs to be done to improve the outcomes of women who are affected by it. OCC has made great strides in raising funds for research and awareness and lobbying governments for more support for Canadian women with ovarian cancer. I am proud to represent Odlum Brown in supporting OCC."

– Brent Poirier, Portfolio Manager, Vancouver