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Getting to know our client’s goals and aspirations is the first step in building a successful portfolio.  Everybody is unique and we believe that your portfolio should reflect that. During a goal-setting exercise, we ask our clients to think about the following questions:      

What is the purpose of my investment portfolio?
Whether you are saving for your dream home; planning to retire early; or wondering what your monthly income will be in retirement, we are here to help you map out your financial path to prosperity.

What is my risk tolerance?
Risk tolerance is best gauged by your sentiments about market volatility and investment risk/losses. Do short-term market fluctuations make you nervous? Can you find comfort focusing on long-term rewards? Diversification is key to managing investment risk and we help you create portfolio with a mix of equities, fixed income and cash equivalents that matches your appetite for risk.

What is my time horizon?
This question essentially addresses when you will need to use the funds you’ve set aside to invest. If you are in your 30s and planning to retire at 65, you have a long time horizon in which to invest. If you have short-term cash needs, a big purchase coming up or planning to retire earlier, these considerations will shorten your time horizon.

What is important to me? 
Beyond your investment goals, we try to capture a complete picture of what matters most to you in your investment choices. We want to know if there’s anything you don’t want to invest in, if you want to reserve a portion of your finances for philanthropic pursuits or if tax-efficiency is important to you and your business. The open dialogue in our relationship means we are there to guide you, every step of the way.

With an understanding of a client’s financial roadmap, we help you navigate the complexity of investing. Odlum Brown offers a wide range of  accounts to help you reach your goals, including:                     

  • RRSP (Retirement Savings Plan)                        
  • RRIF (Registered Retirement Income Fund)                      
  • TFSA (Tax-free Savings Account)                       
  • RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan)                           
  • IPP (Individual Pension Plan)
  • Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar denominated cash, margin or options accounts for individuals, corporations, trusts and estates

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